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The Best Pizza in Nottingham Reviewed for 2023

By Robert Parsons January 3, 2023

Nottingham is full of life, lustre, and unique spots that incite joy. The beautiful sights and unique mix of people, culture, and history make for a cultural experience that is true perfection. It should come as no surprise that this same oomph translates over to their restaurants. Yes, we are talking about pizza restaurants in specific. However, these pizza spots are not your average local pizzeria. There is a wide range of sides and other food to choose from at the restaurant on top of tasty pizza.

Whether you are just passing through, or have managed to live in Nottingham without hearing these names before, that all changes today. Add this to your list of must do’s to get the best Nottingham experience in more ways than one. We have found it to be the highlight of our visit, so it’s only fair we let you in on our secret, not so secret, spots.

Oscar & Rosie’s bring the Italian homemade touch back to pizza. Not only do they make their pizzas baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven, but they make their sauces and other key ingredients from scratch to give a personal touch that other pizzerias can’t bring. Authentic tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, Chipotle, and more crafted from scratch. These homemade features are what has given them the extra oomph to be nominated for best pizza awards and spoken so highly of in multiple magazines by food lovers of all walks of life.

Oscar & Rosie’s, Nottingham

Coming from a small beginning as a pop-up venue scattered around Nottingham, they have managed to evolve into a very successful restaurant that brings the same grind and passion that started this pizza company all the way back in 2013. It’s always nice to know that a place has a true love for the food they are serving. 

One of the best features that Oscar & Rosie’s offers is their bottomless deal. If you have a large group with very empty stomachs, then you have to give this a try. With a 10 person minimum, you can have unlimited pizza and sides for the entire night for only 17 each. Take advantage of each of the unique flavours and options they offer and get a bit of all of them!

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The Playwright 38 is a laid back hangout spot for a quick bite to eat, a good beer, and a beautiful view from the terrace. Located in a beautiful spot in Nottingham, you can take in nature, satisfy your cravings, and get a buzz to take the edge off from a long day.  This spot is the perfect after-work event or a casual night with the boys. Or girls!

The Playwright 38, Nottingham

There is a wide variety of food options outside of the obvious pizza selection including nibblers, quesadillas, pizzas, grazers, flatbreads, salads, and mini sweet treats. Talk about a large menu! If you have a family or group of friends with a wide range of cravings, then they will love this spot for all the options to ensure everyone walks away happy. Don’t be fooled, however. They still have world-class level pizza that has been carefully crafted and perfected. 

Each of their pizzas is crafted in their wood fire grill that they named Juliet, after the iconic Romeo and Juliet love story. This gives them a fresh and authentic flavour that gives mouth-watering results. So hurry up, Romeo. Go find your Juliet and fall in love with The Playwright 38’s artisan pizza. The ultimate love story.

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Suede Bar is sexy, quirky, and tasty all wrapped into one. The star of the show with these options is the environment that is offered mixed with select cocktails that are sure to bring some life to the party. With a 1980’s theme inside, there is a great atmosphere to this lounge that is the perfect opportunity for an Instagram worthy photo, date night idea or just a new spot to try to convince your friends and family pizza is acceptable for the 4th time this week.

Suede Bar

Whether you are coming in for a specialty pizza, something small to nibble on, or a bit of both, you can trust that the Suede Bar is going to exceed your expectations. Unlike other spots, Suede Bar cocktails are perfected by talented bartenders and create a tasty change of pace from common cocktails we have all run sick of. No two or three ingredient cocktails here. Check out the cocktail menu to see what we mean. These drinks are intricate, but it pays off with exceptional flavor.

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