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2 Best Pizza Oven Stands for 2023 Reviewed

By Robert Parsons April 25, 2023

Pizza ovens make it possible to recreate restaurant-grade pizzas right from your outdoor kitchen. To better care for your oven, consider investing in a pizza oven stand. These accessories serve many different uses since they:

  • – Provide a place for pizza ovens to rest
  • – Make it easy to move large/heavy appliances 
  • – Make the storage process more convenient 

How do you pick the right one for your pizza oven?

Trolleys come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. To select the best one, you need to do your research. That’s where I’m here to help! In my time, I’ve tried and tested several popular models and am here to help narrow down the shopping decision for you.

The Best Pizza Oven Stands

Keep reading to discover which trolleys are the best in 2020 and the characteristics you should be looking for to make an informed buying decision.

Product Review Rating Price
Beneffito Portimao Pizza Oven Trolley Read Review 4.5
BBQ-Toro Pizza Oven Trolley Read Review 4.8
Beneffito Portimao Pizza Oven Stand
Our Favourite

1. Beneffito Portimao Pizza Oven Trolley

Looks / Appearance 4.5 / 5.0
Ease of use 4.0 / 5.0
Functionality 5.0 / 5.0


  • – 2 wheels
  • – Side handle for easy moving
  • – Well priced


  • – Black paint could be prone to damage from the weather (perhaps buying a cover is necessary)

The Beneffito Portimao stand, in all black with a silver handle, has a very professional look. Its two tiers of shelving and big black wheels add to the sturdiness of the cart. While it does seem sturdy, it is also light enough to move easily through any outdoor space.

2. BBQ-Toro Pizza Oven Trolley

Looks / Appearance 5.0 / 5.0
Ease of use 5.0 / 5.0
Functionality 4.5 / 5.0


  • – Nice aesthetic 
  • – Sturdy handle
  • – Bottle opener and hooks included
  • – Heavy-duty – maximum load capacity of 120kg


  • – Assembly takes extra manpower!

This trolley is striking with its stainless steel top and lacquered steel frame. I especially like the look of the stainless steel top, as it matches my favorite stainless pizza oven. No matter what, the silver and black finish is sure to complement your outdoor setting as well as your oven.

What are Pizza Oven Stands?

In short, they are accessories used to support your pizza oven. You may have heard them referred to as barbeque trolleys. These helpful stands are very versatile and have wheels on one side to make transport quick and easy. They can be used to move your pizza oven from place to place, as a side table, or for storage purposes.

  • ‎‏‏‎ ‎

What are the Benefits of Using Pizza Oven Stands?

  • – Better Stability. Quality trolleys will be able to support heavy brick ovens as well as portable ones. They offer great stability while cooking. 
  • – Durable. Top pizza oven stands on the market are made from strong materials, most of which are water and rust-resistant. 
  • – Versatile. Pizza oven stands are great for indoor and outdoor use. They can be used to hold appliances, as side tables, for storage purposes, and more!
  • – Budget-Friendly. You likely spent hundreds of pounds on a pizza oven, especially if you purchased a commercial style. I have good news! Trolleys are affordable and take your cooking experience to a whole other level. 
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Things to Consider When Buying Pizza Oven Stands 

Many think selecting a pizza oven stand requires minimal thought; however, if you want one that lasts years, consider the following: 


A pizza oven base can come in all shapes and sizes. The most important feature of your trolley is that it can hold the weight of your pizza oven. It’s likely you know how much your oven weighs. Look for options that can support this weight. 

How big is your pizza oven? Measure the dimensions and select a stand that will seat it comfortably. I suggest going with bases that are larger than your grill, so you have extra space to set down any cooking essentials. 

Note: Going with a trolley that’s too small poses safety concerns. If your pizza oven overhangs from it, you run the risk of it falling. This will cause damage to your oven and can hurt you in the process.


Pizza oven bases are meant to be used outdoors. This means they’ll be exposed to all sorts of weather conditions. To prevent it from rusting over time, go with a material that’s rust and weather resistant. 

Lightweight steel is prone to rust in wet conditions. The same goes for wood that’s not weather treated. Plastic can fade, become brittle during hot months, and may not be able to support a commercial pizza oven

Which is the best material? Aluminium and stainless steel. Both materials are durable and non-corrosive. 


The design you go with is so important. You’ll want to go with a stand that offers a nice appearance and functionality. My reviewed barbeque trolleys have a design that fits nicely with any terrace, backyard, balcony, or garden. They also contain two tiers of storage so that you have everything you need in one spot. 


If you’re stuck between two pizza oven bases, I always suggest considering the brand. Reputable brands are more likely to offer a durable, long-lasting product as opposed to newer brands. This isn’t to say that newer brands won’t offer top products. However, if you don’t want to take your chances, go with a well-known manufacturer like BBQ-Toro or Beneffito. 

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With the rise of pizza ovens, stands have become a must-buy. After this buyer’s guide, I hope you understand why they’re so useful, the benefits you’ll receive from one, and things to look for to make an informed buying decision. 

My reviewed picks are quality options that you’ll love. You’ll certainly benefit from buying one yourself and enjoy the great benefits rendered by them.