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The Best Pizza Toppings To Try At Home

By Robert Parsons May 5, 2021

Everyone has their go-to pizza restaurant or take out place that gets the cheese just right and the base perfectly crispy. However, when you’re a little strapped for cash and craving a tasty pizza with your favourite topping, there is a budget option for you.

There are plenty of places to look online like Pinterest, YouTube, and even Facebook that can provide you with some delicious pizza recipes and topping ideas for making pizza at home. Make yourself some pizza dough (or go for a pre-made base if you aren’t up for that), get some sauce, buffalo mozzarella (or any cheese), and take a look at these pizza topping ideas!

Classic Ideas

There are some popular pizza topping recipes out there that everyone knows. Classic pizzas can be super simple and perfect to try at home.

Go for something like Margherita pizza, which is just basil, tomato sauce, and mozzarella. Or, for an even simpler meal, use any cheese you have in the fridge, and experiment with sauces and toppings for pizza that you already have in the house.

The traditional yet controversial Hawaiian pizza can be made to taste in your own home – with as little or as much pineapple as you fancy!

For the meat lovers out there get some lean beef mince or your favourite cheap pepperoni to make a meat feast pizza for yourself. You might even love it more than the takeaway pizza you’re so fond of.

Whatever your go-to pizza flavours of choice are, they can be cheaply but deliciously recreated in the comfort of your kitchen.

Classic flavours you can try:

  • – Cheese and Tomato
  • – Ham and Pineapple
  • – Pepperoni
  • – Sausage

Different but Delicious 

If you’re feeling like something different and a little fancy, why not go a little left of field and experiment? Get some inspiration from online pizza recipes and pizza ideas, and then go wild!

If you aren’t a massive fan of regular pizza cheese, why not recreate the four cheese pizza with varieties of goat or sheep cheeses? Add some caramelised onions and mushrooms to complement and add some texture.

Have you ever thought about using the pizza dough for both the main dish and the dessert? Nutella pizza exists! Some pizza toppings ideas here can be fruit, marshmallows, or any other sweet treat.

When creating your own pizza recipe, people with allergies can eat what they like without having to check about allergens and contamination in restaurant kitchens. This will save time in restaurants and also mean they don’t miss out on movie night. They have the chance to use lactose-free cheese and a gluten-free base.

Different flavours you can try:

  • – Goats cheese and caramelised onion
  • – Four cheese using mozzarella, goat cheese, blue cheese and cheddar
  • – Lactose-free or vegan cheese
  • – Veggie pizza with plenty of red peppers, spinach, tomatoes and other green veg

Get Creative 

Maybe you want to make it truly yours – a signature pizza recipe just for you. If that’s the case, make some homemade pizza toppings! Maybe plain chicken doesn’t cut it, and you fancy something a little spicier. You can marinate the meat at home, cook it up, and add it over your cheese. Go one step further and make your own sauce with whatever veggies and flavours you like.

Some people are a fan of putting an egg on their pizza. Has a breakfast pizza ever been attempted? Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to make it a delicacy! Love it or hate it, you can experiment with different food and toppings when making your own meal!

Who knows, maybe your quick and easy coconut shrimp pizza will be the next best pizza recipe to sweep the nation. It may also be the fastest you have ever thrown food in the bin…

Creative choices you can try:

  • – Chicken pre-marinated in taco seasoning
  • – Bacon and pesto
  • – Salad and egg with prosciutto
  • – Breakfast food – eggs, sausage, beans, etc.
  • – Homemade tomato and pepper sauce with goat cheese

In Conclusion 

Whether you enjoy a traditional recipe or something weird and wonderful – give yourself the chance to create and learn. Pizza can be quick and easy or crazy and complicated, and when making it at home, you can indulge in any bread, sauce, topping and cheese combo you like!