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Very Italian Pizza, Brighton, Review for 2022

Very Italian Pizza, Brighton
Our Rating 4.7/5
Vegan-friendly: Yes
Veggie-friendly: Yes
Gluten-free: Yes
Eat in: Yes
Takeaway: Yes
Wood-fired Pizza: Yes
Address: 19 Old Steine Royal Pavilion, Brighton BN1 1EL England
Phone: +44 1273 677377
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 12 pm-10:30 pm

Very Italian Pizza has a long history, dating all the way back to 1845 out of Naples. This is when their farm began, where they source all of their ingredients from. They began their pizza endeavour in 1880 in Italy, making this a family-run business for five generations. As they have continued to expand and grow, they have held close to their roots, making them a unique and sought-after spot in Brighton.

Not only does this mean they have experience in perfecting their pizzas, but they make every ingredient a farm-to-table component. They also bring a true Italian touch to their dishes, which is hard to come by with so many pizza spots out there. They have three restaurants with a high level of flavour and attention to detail in each. 

Why Did We Choose Very Italian Pizza in Brighton?

We chose Very Italian Pizza as a must-go spot for its authentic flavour and overall experience meshed into one. They combine their past and future into a progressive yet classic pizza. Growing their own veggies, their finest meats, milk, and even olive oil, and handmade sourdough crust to create a natural and flavorful plate. This Neapolitan meal will have you convinced that you have stepped into a street of Italy for a bite to eat. 

It also merges a night of dinner and a stroll down your favourite farmer’s market with so many ingredients and flavours bursting as you step inside. As soon as you step in the doors, you are transported to a simpler yet more intentional era where food was locally grown, handmade, and delivered with care. 

What’s on Offer at Very Italian Pizza?

While the star of the show is their wood-fired pizza, Very Italian Pizza offers some other dishes as well. With some classic starters such as Bruschetta, Burrata, and Mozzarella Sticks and some unique options such as Tavola di Affettati which offers their large selection of meats paired with buffalo mozzarella and their classic sourdough bread. 

For pasta, they offer all over the spectrum: ziti, gnocchi, linguine, and rigatoni. Mixed with their fresh tomato, handmade olive oil, and meat sauces, you can’t go wrong with a pasta option. As far as pizza goes, they offer a wide variety with no tomato-based options, vegan speciality pizzas, and classics. 

The stars of the show for each category are their Piandina which offers their buffalo mozzarella, parma ham, cherry tomato, rocket & parmesan. For vegan options, their tofu sausage and vegan cheese make for a delicious slice on their Piccantella pizza. Lastly, their classics are standouts as well, with the Napoletana at the top of the list. Their family-grown olives, tomato, garlic, chilli peppers, and anchovies bring their unique flavour to this classic. 

They also offer wood-fire grilled sandwiches, a two-handed treat filled with all of your favourite ingredients that offer a different option if you’re looking to switch things up from the classic Italian dishes. 

Our Verdict

If you are on the hunt for something farm fresh that is within budget and gives you a taste of something different, then you need to give Very Italian Pizza a try. This spot is a hidden gem that you can’t miss whether you are visiting Brighton or a local.  Their plethora of selection is foolproof, as each dish is a 10/10.