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The Stable, Bath, Review for 2022

The Stable, Bath
Our Rating 4.2/5
Vegan-friendly: Yes
Veggie-friendly: Yes
Gluten-free: Yes
Eat in: Yes
Takeaway: Yes
Wood-fired Pizza: Yes
Address: 1-3 Westgate Buildings Kingsmead Square, Bath BA1 1EB England
Phone: +44 1225 429851
Opening Hours: 11:30pm – 11 pm 7 Days

Sprinkled throughout the United Kingdom, The Stable has good company in their successful chain that brings high-quality pizza to loads of spots. Grab a tasty treat and some beer to enjoy a night out with friends and family indulging in a universally loved dish: pizza! 

Don’t be fooled by the chain stigma, however. The Stable is passionate about being authentic, handcrafted dishes to you and every other customer by making fresh ingredients such as their sourdough bread and tomato sauce to ensure that every member of The Stable chain feels like they are stepping into their Italian grandmother’s home. 

Why Did We Choose The Stable in Bath?

One of the major reasons The Stable stood out is because of its holiday specials and attention to bringing something fresh and new throughout the year. We know pizza can be a bit repetitive, especially for those who eat it often. However, having holiday events such as Christmas themed menus with unique drinks and dishes can help offset that mundane quality that many chain pizza spots fall into. 

We also fell in love with the pizza itself. With the perfect recipe for the crust and mindful ingredients in each of the pizza options, there is no wrong choice as far as the menu goes. 

What’s on Offer at The Stable

When it comes to the menu, there are quite a few options. Luckily, you can’t go wrong with your selection. However, we can give you a few of our favourites to get your mouth watering and mind running with excitement.  

As one can assume, there are loads of pizzas available, including the homemade sourdough crust, vegetarian options, as well as vegan options. However, there are also shared plates to get your meal started and salads, mac and cheese dishes, and desserts to pair your pizza with. 

For starters, we suggest trying the baked camembert, including whole baked camembert, grapes, apple, cornichons, red onion marmalade, and freshly baked sourdough. You can also try the charcuterie board for something to nibble on with Suffolk chorizo, Napoli salami, Serrano ham, Parmesan, Guindilla chilli peppers, cornichons, rocket, freshly baked sourdough. 

As for salads and mac and cheese, our favourites of each are the Queen of India salad with onion bhaji, spinach, red cabbage, pomegranate, carrot, red onion, curried mango mayo, coriander,  and lime, then the Mac Daddy mac and cheese with slow-roasted pulled beef, jalapeños, Glastonbury mozzarella, Barber’s vintage mature cheddar, and parmesan. 

Now to the star of the show: pizza. As we said, there are a lot of options. Try a veggie option such as the Veggie Mary with brie, roast squash, red onion, mozzarella, sage, and cranberries or a vegan option such as Porkless Pepperoni with jackfruit pepperoni and plant-based mozzarella. This dish is sure to blow your mind with how tasty pepperoni substitutes can be. 

As far as regular pizza options, try the Blazing Saddle with slow-roasted pulled beef, roast piquillo peppers, red onion marmalade, jalapeños, homemade garlic and herb drizzle or the Great White with cheese sauce, smoked ham, garlic mushrooms, roast leeks, Barber’s cheddar, and flat-leaf parsley. Both of these are unique to The Stable yet utilize crowd favourites to capitalize on. 

Our Verdict

This spot might be a chain, but it is full of unique and tasty dishes. Next time you stop in Bath or any of the nearby locations, for that matter, give The Stable a try to see what we mean. Pizza and other yummy treats are just waiting to be explored.