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The Plough Harborne, Birmingham, Review for 2022

The Plough Harborne, Birmingham
Our Rating 4.6/5
Vegan-friendly: Yes
Veggie-friendly: Yes
Gluten-free: Yes
Eat in: Yes
Takeaway: Yes
Wood-fired Pizza: Yes
Address: 21 High Street Harborne, Birmingham B17 9NT England
Phone: +44 121 427 3678
Opening Hours: M-Th 8:30am-10pm F 8:30am-10:30pm Sa 10am-10:30pm Su 10am-10pm

The Plough Harborne is a quaint and tasty spot in the midst of all the exciting features Birmingham has to offer. This independent pub is built on creating a home atmosphere that also provides great food. 

They ensure that their six core values create the best possible experience for each person that steps in the door: being welcoming, respecting each other, generosity, attention to detail, building great relationships, and enjoying every day. 

Why Did We Choose The Plough Harborne in Birmingham?

What makes this spot stand out from the rest? Our favorite feature about The Plough Harbor is the wide variety of foods that are sure to feed any craving you could have. Rated as the traveler’s choice for 2021, you won’t be the only one that has fallen in love with this spot. 

With the true atmosphere of the motto “it takes a village”, there is a comfort that other local spots do not have, especially when it comes to pizza options. Looking for a full night of activity? There are also music nights that showcase local talent to keep your night exciting while enjoying your favorite dish. 

The menu ranges from breakfast to dinner, offering homegrown options straight from The Plough Harborne’s garden. This is the true definition of farm to table dishes which is something that can’t be beat when it comes to top of the line flavor. 

What’s on Offer at The Plough Harborne

Let’s talk about a few of the great options that stand out on The Plough Harborne’s menu. First and foremost, The Plough Harborne is a pub, so there are loads of great selections of wine and beers to choose from. Perfect for drinks on the weekend or a pairing with your dinner. 

As far as food goes, let’s start with their homemade pizza. Their pizzas are split into four categories: fish, meat, vegetarian, and vegan pizzas. No matter what your dietary restrictions or preferences are, you can find a suitable pizza for you here. 

They feature unique options such as a vegan BBQ pizza with roasted pine nuts, sun blushed tomatoes, crispy sage, fresh basil, homemade cashew nut mozzarella, a BBQ base, roasted squash, and vegan pepperoni. For a nonvegan option, try their chorizo pizza with roasted peppers, cajun chicken, caramelized red onion, and black olives. 

As far as other styles of food, there is a huge range from a veggie breakfast brioche sandwich featuring grilled halloumi, avocado, fried egg, and marmite mushrooms, the pinto bean and red pepper chilli bowl with homemade toast and poached egg paired, or a large plate option for dinners such as marinated tofu with coconut rice, sesame, and coriander oil. 

As you might tell from the few options we listed, not only do they offer a wide variety, but there are dishes that you cannot find at other places. That is why this is a must-try spot in Birmingham.

Our Verdict

We love the wide range of options and attention to inclusivity for all food preferences. While that alone is a great quality, The Plough Harborne offers this with exceptional flavor in each dish. It also gives a laid back and unique village atmosphere that we cannot get enough of. Next time you are on the hunt for a great spot while in Birmingham, stop by The Plough Harborne. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed.