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Hello Pizza, Liverpool, Review for 2022

Hello Pizza, Liverpool
Our Rating 4.5/5
Vegan-friendly: Yes
Veggie-friendly: Yes
Gluten-free: Yes
Eat in: No
Takeaway: Yes
Wood-fired Pizza: Yes
Address: 281 Kensington, Liverpool L7 2RG, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 151 263 2636
Opening Hours: M-Sun 4pm-1am

Hello Pizza prides itself in its freshness, promptness, and ability to bring a little taste of Italy delivered to your door whenever you like. Unlike most delivery pizza spots, their pizzas are high quality, fresh, and offer speciality pizza options that will have you thinking your living room is a 5-star Italian dining venue. 

With a staff that is well versed in the world of Italian cuisine, specifically high-end pizza crafting, there is no doubt that you will want to add this to your list of takeout options. Chain pizza spots will be a thing of the past once you give Hello Pizza a try. 

Why Did We Choose Hello Pizza in Liverpool?

Pizza is something that can be dressed up or dressed down. A night at a fancy Italian restaurant in nice attire or a night in your pyjamas binging your favourite show from the couch. However, who said these two worlds couldn’t merge together? That is where Hello Pizza thrives. 

Who said you can’t catch up on your favourite crime drama while indulging in a carefully crafted pizza that contends with the best Italian spot in town? This is what makes Hello Pizza unique from every other pizza spot in Liverpool. While it is not going to offer a dining experience, it will offer you the flavour of it. Plus, you never have to get out of your sweatpants! A win-win. 

What’s on Offer at Hello Pizza

The menu of Hello Pizza has a wide range of selections with over 20 pizzas on the menu as well as over 20 calzone options. Not to mention you can create your own pizza to suit you perfectly. However, we are going to name a few of the favourites to help narrow down the decision distress. 

Starting with pizzas, two top options that will have your mouth watering is The Georgian Pizza as well as The Spinach Pizza. The Georgian Pizza is boat-shaped and filled with four blend cheese with free-range egg and a knob of butter. Talk about tasty. The Spinach Pizza has a creamy white base, mozzarella, spinach, feta, red onions and topped with free-range eggs. This is a unique variation of your classic pizza option, but don’t you worry, it will still give you a little taste of Italy. 

As far as calzones go, you can’t go wrong whether you go for a meatier option, veggie-filled, or loaded up with cheese, Three tops favourites are the Tuna and Sweetcorn Calzone with flakes of tuna complimented with crunchy sweetcorn to give you a calzone as you’ve never tried before. Another top is the Hawaiian Calzone with slices of honey roasted gammon and chunks of juicy pineapple to get your senses running wild. Lastly, the Mexicano Calzone includes a specially blended mix of spiced minced beef, mixed peppers, and red onions for another great choice. 

Lastly, top the night off with a dessert. Nutella is a fan favourite, so it is vital to give the Nutella Calzone a try or the Nutella Pizza. What could be better? 

Our Verdict

This spot is the perfect niche for the lazy group of us that don’t want to compromise flavour. If you aren’t a fan of going out or looking for a date night in, call up Hello Pizza to be the finishing touch on a perfect night inside filled with fun and flavour. There is no doubt that you will be glad you made the switch from everyday pizza chain selections.