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Why Are Pizza Ovens So Expensive?

By Robert Parsons April 26, 2023

Pizza ovens are so expensive because of their ability to replicate restaurant-grade pizzas. Imagine being able to recreate that pizza you tried in Italy that you loved so much. Or perhaps that slice of Margherita you tried in the heart of New York. 


As crazy as it sounds, pizza ovens make this possible. The reasons they’re so expensive are the same reasons I recommend investing in one. Here are the top three: 

1. They Reach Insanely High Temperatures 

Unfortunately, you will never be able to achieve a beautifully charred crust with a conventional oven. This is because pizza ovens get much hotter than regular ovens. They reach temperatures as high as 450 (800 ). It’s this high heat that makes it possible for a wood fired pizza oven to cook a Neapolitan pizza in two minutes – sometimes even less. 

2. They Are Extremely Convenient 

You might envision pizza ovens as being bulky, heavy appliances. Nowadays, you can find genius options that are portable like the Ooni Pro. This means you can cook pizza (among other foods) absolutely anywhere! Whether you’re at a family barbecue or on a camping trip with friends, you can count on your portable oven. 

3. The Flavour Offered is Unmatched 

Cooking with wood offers a smokey flavour that’s impossible to achieve with a standard oven. My preference will always be hardwoods since they are cleaner and last much longer than softwoods. You can play around with the flavour of your dishes by using different types of wood. Examples of hardwoods include oak, maple, hickory, ash, birch, walnut, and beech.

Anything that you can make in a conventional oven, you can make it 10x better in a wood-fired one. This is because food is cooked very quickly in a pizza oven (only a matter of minutes). This retains nutrients and flavours often depleted with long cooking times.


Having an outdoor pizza oven boasts many features and benefits, consequently leading to its high price. They add value to your outdoor kitchen and make it a place where family, friends, and guests can gather and taste scrumptious restaurant-grade dishes. Provided you keep it in tip-top shape, a pizza oven is a worthy investment that will last a lifetime.