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Is Wood Fired Pizza Healthy?

By Robert Parsons November 18, 2021

When you think of healthy foods, pizza is probably not at the top of your list. Believe it or not, this can be a nutritious dish when you use the right ingredients and tools. 

If you’re trying to make some lifestyle changes and your diet is one of them, don’t be so quick to wave good-bye to pizza. This dish CAN be healthy, and I’ll explain exactly how in this article.

Health Benefits of Wood Fired Pizza

Wood-fired pizza is more nutritious than you think. Of course, you’ll need to cook your pizza in a wood fired oven. Not only do these outdoor appliances offer benefits to your health, but they also offer perks to your financial well-being.

How so? Here are the top 3 reasons: 

1. Fast Cooking Times

Wood fired ovens cook pizza very quickly. They reach extremely high temperatures resulting in perfectly baked pies in as little as two minutes. This also means your toppings won’t be exposed to the open flame for too long.

2. Maintains Nutrients & Antioxidants

Cooking pizza in a standard oven means longer cooking times. This leads to the depletion of antioxidants and nutrients, consequently reducing your pizza’s nutritional value. 

You want to opt for toppings like fruits, veggies, and light cheese as much as possible. This alone will make your dish both healthy and delicious.

3. Economically Friendly 

Remember I mentioned wood-fired pizza is also good for your financial well-being? This is because these appliances don’t require electricity or gas. Not only are you eating healthier, but you are saving money otherwise spent on utilities.


If you’re trying to make healthier eating choices, I’m here to offer you a sign of relief. Pizza doesn’t have to go! You just have to make some changes to the ingredients you use and the oven you cook it in.