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How Long Does Pizza Sauce Last in the Fridge?

By Robert Parsons November 19, 2021

You can’t have pizza without sauce. Combine this with melting cheese and you’ve got yourself a memorable meal the entire family will love. Whether you’re using a sweet or spice tomato sauce, this is a ‘make or break’ ingredient. For this reason, you need to know the signs of when it’s gone bad. After all, if it’s spoiled and you use it on your pizza, you might as well toss your pizza away! 

More importantly though, how long does pizza sauce last in the fridge? Knowing the answer to this question will help avoid it from going bad. Consequently, serving your family, friends, and guests terrible pizza (not to mention it can make them sick too)!

How to Store Pizza Sauce? 

Red and white pizza sauce is easy to store and there are two main options of storing it away. The first one is storing it in your freezer (in a freezer Ziploc bag or spoon into muffin tins). Your second option is pouring your leftover sauce into a jar, covering it, and storing it away in your fridge.

How long is pizza sauce good for in the fridge? I’ll cover this next. 

How Long Can It be Left in the Fridge?

The answer to this question depends on the method of storage that you’re using. For example, a jar of pizza sauce can last anywhere from 5-7 days when left in a refrigerator between 0 and 5. When properly stored away in the freezer at -18 can last about 3 months. 

If you decide to freeze it, here are a few ways you can defrost pizza sauce: 

  1. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator (Recommended) 
  2. Microwave or melt in a small pot until smooth
  3. Place frozen sauce in a bowl of cold water 

At What Temperature Does Sauce Go Bad?

You always want to keep your sauce at a temperature below 5. If you leave it out longer than two hours at a temperature above 5 it’s likely your sauce will spoil. If the temperature is above 32, all it takes is one hour for it to go bad. 

If this happens to be the case, I suggest tossing your pizza sauce because mould and bacteria flourish at these temperatures. The last thing you want is getting yourself or guest’s sick. 

Has My Pizza Sauce Gone Bad?

Do you suspect your sauce has gone bad? Here is how you can tell.

Signs of Mould 

The most obvious way to tell if your sauce has spoiled is if it contains visible mould. This can be green, back, or white mould within it or on the lid. Mould on the jar lid indicates that this fuzzy substance has spread, making it dangerous to eat. 

Please note: Mould can grow within your sauce even when refrigerated. If you scrape away the mould, it’s still not safe to consume since foods like pizza sauce have a large quantity of water. This makes it likely for mould filaments to grow even under the surface of the mould.

Funny Smell or Taste 

If you’re greeted with a funny odour when you open your jar of sauce, this is a clear sign it’s gone bad. If it smells alright but tastes sour, tangy, bitter, or simply unappetising, it’s time to toss it. Also, check for changes in the colour. Unusual colours are another indicator that the pizza sauce has expired.

Broken Seals 

If you have purchased your sauce at the grocery store and the seal is broken, this is a good sign it’s gone bad. Here are some key indicators that there is a problem: 

  • – Broken jar seal
  • – Dented or swollen can 
  • – Bubbling foam appears after opening it
  • – The expiration date printed on the jar has passed 

If you notice any of these signs, I suggest throwing your jar away and replacing it with a nice batch of homemade sauce. 

It’s Been Left Out for Hours

You want to keep track of opened sauce. If it’s been left out for hours after being opened chances are it has gone bad. You want to keep it between 0 and 5 (refrigerator) or in the freezer at  -18

Avoid ruining your pizza and keep an eye out for the above 4 signs of spoiled sauce.


I hope I’ve answered all your questions within this short guide. Also, you now know how long pizza sauce lasts in the refrigerator as well as other details like how to tell if it’s gone bad. 

If you even suspect your sauce has spoiled because of any of the above signs, it’s better to be safe than sorry and throw it out. The consequences go beyond a ruined pizza. The last thing you want is sabotaging your pizza and getting yourself, your family, and your friend’s sick.