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How Does a Pizza Oven Work?

By Robert Parsons April 26, 2023

A common misconception of pizza ovens is that you’re cooking using the heat of the fire. You’re actually cooking from the heat stored in the walls and floor of the oven. In this brief but detailed explanation, I’ll describe the mechanics of how a pizza oven works.

1. The Preheating Process

Pizza ovens operate off wood or gas, depending on the type of oven you’re using. The first step in either oven is preheating it. A fire is started within the oven, and this heat warms up the inside until it’s ready to use. 

Wood-fired ovens require constant tending to the fire, while gas pizza ovens do not. However, both types are designed to retain very high temperatures and radiate this heat evenly across the cooking area. This results in crispy, perfectly charred pizza. 

2. The Cooking Process

Naturally, heat will radiate from the walls and floor of the oven. This cooks meals evenly from the inside out. A quality pizza oven will retain heat for long periods. Pies that cook in these ovens are cooked as fast as 2 minutes. How it works is you’re cooking using retained heat stored in your oven instead of the fire’s direct flame. 

3. The Cool Down Process

Especially true for wood-fired options, these ovens take quite a while to cool down completely because it stores a huge amount of heat within the walls. This is because they’re made from dense, insulated material that will stay hot for long periods. 

Therefore, don’t worry if your pizza oven takes quite a while to cool down. Some can take up to a full day to cool down depending on the material it’s built with.


Now that you have a better understanding of how pizza ovens work, go out there and try using one for yourself! I know you’ll be just as amazed as I was.