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Gozney Pizza Dough Recipe (A Quick How-to Guide)

Are you looking for a reliable pizza dough recipe that will provide delicious, high-quality results every time? Look no further. This Gozney pizza dough recipe is an easy and straightforward way to make restaurant-quality pizza from home with your beloved Gozney pizza oven.

This tried and tested all-purpose pizza dough recipe can help anyone, from beginners to experienced Italian chefs, create a perfectly chewy crust with any choice of toppings.

The Gozney Pizza Dough Recipe

Ingredients And Preparation

When creating the delicious Gozney Pizza Dough Recipe, it’s important to use high-quality ingredients. The recipe calls for these basic ingredients:

  • – 600g of water
  • – 2g of fresh yeast or 1g of instant dry yeast 
  • – 1000g of 00 pizza flour
  • – 30g of salt

Accurately measuring out your ingredients will ensure an even bake every time – so be sure to use a kitchen scale for accuracy! 

For best results, make sure the temperature of each ingredient added has reached room temperature prior to preparation: cold temperatures can interfere with the fermentation process and hinder pizza dough development.

To begin making your pizza base; dissolve yeast in water before adding all other ingredients into a bowl or mixer. Mix at low speed until all dry ingredients are incorporated then increase speed slightly until well mixed before ensuring the salt is incorporated throughout.

Once kneaded enough mix on low speed again to bring together evenly (avoid overmixing).

Mixing And Fermentation

gozney pizza dough recipe

The Gozney Pizza Dough Recipe requires precise mixing to create a consistent texture and complete fermentation for the ideal pizza crust. To prepare the dough, the flour, yeast, and salt are mixed together in a bowl before being kneaded handfuls of times.

It is important that proper technique is used when kneading as this will help with consistency in texture and keeping air out of the mix. Once mixed, fermentation can begin – it normally takes around 2 hours at room temperature; however, if you wish to give your dough more flavour or use 20% whole grains then you can opt for a slower sourdough variation which involves an 8-24 hour time period.

After successful fermentation has taken place, baking instructions need to be followed carefully and temperatures should be higher than 180°C (356°F) so as to not halt any rising during cooking.

Baking Instructions

Making a delicious crust with the Gozney Pizza Dough Recipe is easy and can be done in any oven, provided it is preheated to a temperature of at least 500°F. A pizza stone or steel will ensure that the base of your pizza will become irresistibly crispy, while you save time waiting for the main oven to start baking at full capacity.

The baking instructions include inserting your prepared Gozney dough into the Roccbox/oven either directly on its peel (this works best if using nuts toppings) or stretched out on an oversized parchment paper before being transferred into the oven (useful when using wetter topping combinations).

Once it’s ready to bake, cover your dough with oregano, garlic powder and Sicilian sea salt for added flavour. Bake for about 4-5 minutes but do keep an eye out as some ovens are hotter than others so adjust according to course.

The guide from Chef Mike Fitzick states that pizzas should only take roughly two minutes more than homemade focaccia bread.

Tips For Perfect Pizza Dough

Proper Kneading Technique

Kneading is an essential step in making the perfect pizza dough and is key to achieving a perfectly light, airy crust. Just like any other type of dough, kneading helps gluten form which gives it elasticity and creates structure.

Properly kneaded pizza dough will have an even texture throughout. For the Gozney pizza dough recipe, you should start by adding all the ingredients into a bowl and mixing them together with a wooden spoon or your fingers until they are evenly distributed.

Once that’s done, begin to stretch and fold the dough several times with both hands using a rocking motion as if you were trying to break apart hard chunks of cooked rice – this technique helps build glutens.

If desired, use the heel of your hand for extra power when necessary.

Resting Time

Resting time is an essential factor in pizza dough preparation and can make or break a perfect pizza. During the resting period, various processes occur such as gluten development, yeast activation, flavour enhancement and dough relaxation.

Time spent on rest varies depending on the type of pizza you’re making – New York style requires 2-3 hours while Neapolitan-style recipes need 24 to 72 hours of cold proofing before stretching.

One way to decide when your dough needs longer rest is to check for the ‘window pane’ test — stretch a small piece of it until it becomes transparent like window glass so that light can be seen through it.

If the dough does not pass this test yet tears instead of stretching easily, let it rest for another 20 minutes and then check again. Too much rest will result in fermentation which makes your crust dense with air pockets whereas too little will lead to poorly developed flavours and texture problems while baking.

It’s important to note that rising times are affected by temperature; colder temperatures require more time (and vice versa). Therefore if using store-bought frozen pre-made has changed its key ingredient biochemistry just adjust resting times accordingly.

Choosing The Right Flour

Finding the right flour for pizza dough is an essential part of making a perfect pizza. If you are looking for an airy, natural-style Neapolitan pizza, then 00 Italian milled flour, such as Tipo 0 and Tipo 00 flours, is ideal.

These types of flours have typically around 12.5% protein content which works best when combined with water in order to make a light, flavorful crust. Recently Gozney produced their own Nuvola Flour which has been specifically designed to produce these amazing pizzas.

For regular pizza crust recipes, the most popular option is bread flour, also known as Manitoba flour in Italy.


The Gozney Pizza Dough Recipe is a versatile, tried-and-tested recipe that’s suitable for both novice and experienced pizza makers. As it only requires five basic ingredients – flour, water, salt, yeast and olive oil – it can be easily adapted to suit different tastes and cooking methods.

Additionally, these dough variations are suitable for baking in high-heat ovens such as Gozney’s Roccbox outdoor pizza oven at up to 500°C.