Clementi Pizza Party Oven Review

Clementi Pizza Party Oven


Looks / Appearance




Ease of Use



  • Heats to 400°C in 15 minutes
  • Can Make 4 Pizzas at Once
  • Various Colour Options
  • Robust Design


  • Expensive
  • Heavy (152KG)

The manufacturers at Clementi bring the Pizza Party oven to us. Just like the great Italian composer Aldo Clementi, these makers devote themselves to creating works of art. They pride themselves on composing well-crafted products; this, in turn, empowers others to make well-crafted pizzas!


Who is this Oven For?

This model is named Pizza Party for a reason; it’s intended for the pizza lover who wants to share their love with a party! The large Party model is perfect for feeding big gatherings. The cooking chamber is massive. With the ability to house four medium pizzas at once, you can easily provide dinner for a hungry crowd.

The model even comes equipped with a stand and a large prep surface. This speeds up the process of preparing your food and allows for quick transfer into the oven.

This emphasis on quick cooking is clear by how fast the oven rises to high temperatures. Users say it takes about 15-20 minutes for the oven to rise to 370 C. For novices, this is the temperature you want for quick cooking. At 370 C, I’ve found that you can thoroughly cook your pizza to optimal crispiness within 2 minutes.



Due to its size, this Clementi Party is one of the heavier models. Weighing in at 250 kg, it will definitely serve as a focal point wherever it resides. As I said earlier, the hearth is on the larger side. It is about 80 cm by 60 cm; whereas the entire body is elongated by the pizza stand. If you don’t have the room to accommodate such a statement piece, this model might not be a fit.

The entire oven is weatherproof so it can be safely stored outside. The powder-coated steel body will fight any possible wear and tear. Still, I always recommend getting a cover, especially with these pricier models. You want to do everything you can to make your pizza parties last longer than a few winters!

If you are worried about colour coordinating your space, the oven is available in copper, mustard, red, or unpainted stainless steel. I will mention that the prep area and stand are only available in one colour. If the matching colour is that important to you, you can paint it yourself. Just remember to choose a paint that is flame retardant and can withstand high temperatures without melting!


Where Can I Use This Oven?

When it comes to placement, this model seems to fare better outdoors. In all the reviews I saw, I couldn’t find a lot of people using this tool in their house. I would have to guess that the high heat and bulky size does not do so well in a pre-furnished kitchen!


What Makes This Oven Special?

As with other Clementi models, the Party comes equipped with their signature Air Plus System. This system is composed of small holes on the inner sidewall of the oven. These openings direct airflow into the fire. In essence, this allows for better combustion.

The Air Plus System also directs airflow into optimum cooking positions, which evens out the internal heat waves. This means you get a delicious pizza that is thoroughly cooked from all possible directions.


Why Should I Buy This Oven?

If you are looking to splurge on a high-quality experience, then I recommend trying out Clementi’s Pizza Party. Their well-thought-out design is crafted to create delicious pizzas in bulk.

I will stress that this is not an oven to be taken lightly. If you don’t see yourself using it regularly, I wouldn’t recommend this model. The large size and higher price tag are reserved for those who are truly dedicated to the art of pizza making.


How Can I Buy This Oven?

This particular model is available on a couple of online sites. I scoured my usual go-to’s and was able to find a deal at the Pizza Oven Shop for a competitive price.

Clementi does make their items to order, so prepare yourself for a bit of a wait. Most customers say they waited about 3-4 weeks for the order to be sent out for delivery.

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