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Can You Add Wood Chips to a Gas Pizza Oven?

Are you struggling to find that perfect wood-fired flavour for your pizza? You may have heard about the delicious flavour of pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven, but don’t want to commit to buying one. If this sounds like you, then you’re in luck!

In this blog post, we will explain if it’s possible to get similar results from a gas pizza oven by adding wood chips. We’ll give you tips on choosing the right type of chips and how utilizing them can help produce authentic-tasting pizzas with a great smoky aroma.

Read on to learn all there is to know about turning your gas pizza oven into a makeshift wood-fired oven!

Can you put wood chips in a gas pizza oven?

To make a pizza that truly tastes like it’s been cooked in an Italian pizzeria, wood chips are one of your best bets. These flavorful chips can be made from many different types of trees and will bring out the natural smokiness within your dish. By incorporating these wood chips into your cooking process, you can add depth to the aroma of your pizza as well as create an earthy flavour that cannot be achieved with other methods.

Wood chips are renowned for creating a scrumptious pizza flavour, and the secret lies in their smoke. This unique smokiness penetrates each slice of crust to lend it an unrivalled richness that can’t be attained by other cooking methods. When you fire up your oven with wood chips, you’re sure to get a pizza experience like no other!

If you want to make Neapolitan-style pizza at home, wood chips can be a great way to simulate the flavour of cooking it in a wood-fired oven. Although investing in an expensive oven is not necessary, introducing smoky aromas with wood chips will add another level of complexity and authenticity that could easily fool your guests into thinking they’re eating pizza fresh from Italy.

For that savoury, smoky flavour in your homemade pizzas, you have a variety of wood types to choose from. Mesquite and hickory are both beloved favourites while cherrywood has begun to gain traction among pizza connoisseurs. Whichever option best suits your palate is sure to take the deliciousness of your pies up several notches.

Some tips on choosing the right type of wood chips for your oven

can you add wood chips to a gas pizza oven

As you select the perfect wood chips for your pizza oven, there are a few points to keep in mind. Consider what flavour profile you’d like to achieve on your pizzas – oak will give off a smoky taste while cherry adds an aromatic fruity sweetness. Also, make sure that whatever type of wood chip is chosen fits within any local regulations or guidelines concerning fire safety and smoke emission standards. With thoughtfulness and creativity, it’s possible to find the ideal choice for each unique homemade pizza recipe!

Afterwards, think about the intensity of heat you need for your oven. Woods like oak and hickory are considered hardwoods as they have a longer burn time with higher temperatures; in contrast, softer woods such as fruitwood will ignite quickly and at a lower temperature.

When selecting wood chips for your fire, it’s essential to consider the moisture content. Wood that is fresh or wet produces more smoke and less heat, while dry wood burns hotter and cleaner. Additionally, be mindful of the size; smaller pieces ignite faster with a larger amount of smoke created, whereas large chunks will smoulder slowly while producing minimal amounts of smoke.

How to use and store the wood chips properly

To ensure your wood chips remain delicious and fragrant, it is essential to store them in an airtight container such as a plastic bag or sealed container. Place the chis away from any moisture so they will be kept safe at room temperature. For pre-packaged wood chips examine the expiration date to guarantee you are using the fresh product for top-quality results.

Soak your wood chips in water for a minimum of 30 minutes before using them to generate that delectable smoky flavour. You may also incorporate other liquids such as beer, wine, or fruit juice into the water for additional exciting flavours integrated with the smoke.

When you’re ready to get grilling or smoking, it’s time to add a handful of wood chips! Ensure they are spread out evenly and not piled up, otherwise, the heat won’t be distributed properly which will ruin the final taste. Maintain an eye on your temperature gauge – remember to keep adding more chips as needed in order for consistent smoky deliciousness every single time.

How to maintain your gas pizza oven when utilizing wood chips

To keep your gas pizza oven running at peak performance while using wood chips, regular maintenance is a must. Cleaning it out with either a brush or vacuum to remove ashes and debris left by the wood chips should be done regularly. This way you’ll make sure that your oven will give you optimal results for years to come.

To guarantee that your oven remains in top condition, it’s important to inspect the burners and igniters routinely. If you notice any abnormalities including a feeble flame or difficulty getting your appliance lit up, replacing these components may be necessary for continued optimal performance.

Another essential step to keeping your gas pizza oven in top condition is utilizing the correct wood chips. Opt for wood chips designed specifically for use with a gas pizza oven, as they burn more evenly and create less smoke than regular wood chips! Not only will this reduce maintenance needs, but it will also enhance your pizzas’ flavour.

In order to use your gas pizza oven with wood chips safely and effectively, be sure you adhere carefully to the manufacturer’s instructions. This detail-oriented approach will not only guarantee that your oven runs at its maximum efficiency now but also for years into the future. With just a bit of attention paid to proper usage, you can relish delicious pizzas cooked on a blend of both gas and wood!


In summary, there is no issue with introducing wood chips to your gas pizza oven for a scrumptious smoky flavour! Before proceeding, be sure to pick the proper type of wood chips that suit both the food item you are cooking and your preferred outcomes. 

Make certain they’re dry and store them in an airtight container; furthermore, let them soak for 30 minutes before you start up the oven. Additionally, it’s important not to overlook regular maintenance of your gas pizza oven so as to guarantee peak performance each time you use it!