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Baked in Brick, Birmingham, Review for 2022

Baked in Brick, Birmingham
Our Rating 4.5/5
Vegan-friendly: Yes
Veggie-friendly: Yes
Gluten-free: Yes
Eat in: Yes
Takeaway: Yes
Wood-fired Pizza: Yes
Address: The Custard Factory Gibb Street The Custard Factory, Birmingham B9 4AA England
Phone: +44 121 740 1256
Opening Hours: Th-Sa 12pm-10:30pm Su 12pm-6pm

Baked in Brick in a younger company, at only 6 years in business. However, they have done quite a lot with their time. Winning the British street food award as well as the European street food award, it’s safe to say that it doesn’t always take time to perfect a recipe. Baked in Brick got it right the first time. 

It began by transforming a classic Mini by adding a hand-built pizza oven to the back as well as a BBQ under the bonnet. Overnight, the classically trained founder of Baked Brick, Lee created a show-stopping street food spot in Birmingham that has become a fan favourite. 

Why Did We Choose Baked in Brick in Birmingham?

Baked in Brick is full of surprises in more ways than one. There are loads of tasty surprises, but also fun surprises about the business itself. These small surprises make for a great experience all around. 

For example, on the journey to compete for the European street food award in Berlin that Baked in Brick won, they created a 15 episode about the journey highlighting struggles, setbacks, and humorous events that happened on the way. 

They grew from a small food truck into a restaurant that contains the same grit, flavour, and quirkiness that their beginnings had. This is what continues to bring people, old and new, in to give the tasty pizza selections a try. 

What’s on Offer at Baked in Brick 

When it comes to the menu, there is a huge selection of pizza options as well as some other small plates to choose from. There are also options for vegetarians, vegans, or meat lovers alike, so every member of the family can rest easy and enjoy their dish. 

Looking for a vegetarian option? Try the burrata margherita with San Marzano tomato, whole burrata, basil, parmesan, and marinated oregano baby plum tomato or the capra with goats cheese, caramelised red onion, wild rocket, San Marzano tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, and a balsamic glaze.

For a vegan option, try the grande marinara with San Marzano tomato, oregano, garlic oil, fresh basil, and marinated oregano baby plum tomato or the vegano with a pea pesto base, caramelised red onions, roasted squash, charcoal red peppers, and rocket. 

Lastly, for the meat lovers, try the three little pigs with smoked ham, salami Milano, nduja, Lincolnshire poacher shavings, San Marzano tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, and wild rocket. As far as the other dish options, top off your pizza with homemade hummus, chorizo bites, or homemade slaw. 

Their unique recipes are their greatest asset, and they make sure nothing from their restaurant comes off as average or tastes like another restaurant next door. This craft and care for flavour is what encourages customers to return time and time again. 

Our Verdict

This could not be a more classic pizza spot. However, don’t let the word classic fool you, there are loads of unique flavours that will have your taste buds running wild. Grab a slice next time you are in the mood for street-style food that is going to bring award-winning flavour, a fun experience, and loads of variety to soothe the entire bunch whether you have a picky child, stuck up pizza friend, and just want to try something you’ve never had before. 

We are sure that whichever category you fit inside, you will enjoy visiting Baked in Brick and will want to bring others with you next time.