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What Temperature Should My BBQ Pizza Oven Be?

Are you looking for the optimal temperature to cook the perfect pizza in a BBQ pizza oven? Are you confused by all of the conflicting advice available online?

Then you have come to the right place! In this blog post, we will provide information on what temperature your outdoor pizza oven should be set at, and also take into account different factors that affect the cooking results.

Let’s get started.

What Temperature Should Your BBQ Pizza Oven Be?

For the perfect pizza, you should aim for a temperature of 230°C or 450°F on your BBQ pizza oven.

This temperature will ensure you get a perfect result. Cooking your pizza at this heat results in the delicious combination of crispy crust and cheesy centre that we all know and love.

The relationship between high temperatures and perfect pizzas is easy to explain; because barbeque ovens are not as efficient as traditional wood-burning pizza ovens, exposure to higher temperatures helps create more even heat distribution across the surface of the dough, allowing for perfect crispiness with every bite.

Factors Affecting Pizza Oven Temperature

Type And Quality Of Fuel

When selecting the fuel type for your outdoor pizza oven, it is important to consider the differences and advantages of each. Wood-fired ovens feature classic fire flavours and reach high temperatures very quickly due to their design.

While gas-fueled ovens can be faster and more convenient, they do not provide natural smoke flavour as wood does. They usually get flame from gas combustion but take a bit longer to reach desired temperatures than traditional wood-fired ovens.

An alternative option is pellet fuel which relies on compact, efficient pellets made of wood or other biomass as an energy source. These pellets help produce less ash which prevents residue buildup inside the cooking chamber.

No matter what fuel you choose for your BBQ pizza oven, proper temperature control will ensure that the heat generated is ideal for cooking delicious pizzas every time! The best temperature is around 232°C or 450°F as this helps to cook both crust and toppings evenly without burning them in some areas while leaving other parts raw in texture.

Weather Conditions

Weather can have a significant impact on the temperature of your BBQ pizza oven.

Wind can result in uneven heating of an outdoor oven, causing constantly changing temperatures in different pockets which can lead to cool spots or burn spots on your pizza.

This can be countered by increasing preheat time before adding the pizza; this allows heat to evenly spread through the entire chamber giving even results throughout. It is important however not to let too much smoke out at once as this will cause further cooling of an already weakened system.

Humidity should also be considered as moisture attracts and absorbs heat from other materials such as bricks or stone resulting in a decrease in overall temperature. 

If necessary, you can use pieces of wood with low-moisture properties such as oak or maple for better control over high-humid conditions due to increased burning efficiency with less smoke produced.

How To Achieve The Right Temperature

what temperature should my bbq pizza oven be

Preheat The Oven

When preparing a pizza in an outdoor or wood-fired oven, preheating the oven is crucial for ensuring perfectly cooked and evenly browned pizzas. 

Preheating the oven helps build up moisture which then evaporates in place of steam when exposed to high temperatures while cooking, allowing your homemade pies to produce a crispy crust with that characteristic smoky flavour we all know and love.

To achieve that perfect texture, aim for reaching between 340˚C and 400˚C for wood-fired ovens or 950°F (500°C) from Ooni Pizza Ovens.

To properly preheat an outdoor or wood-fired pizza oven, begin by placing several logs in the centre on top of either charcoal or another starter material like paper towels.

Close up the doors so as not to lose too much heat as it builds up over 10 to 15 minutes until you reach desired temperature readings using an external thermometer if necessary.

Use A Thermometer To Monitor Temperature

Having the right temperature is essential when it comes to cooking pizza in a BBQ pizza oven. To achieve consistent and perfect results, an infrared thermometer should be used to accurately measure the temperature of the oven.

Generally speaking, for a wood-fired pizza oven, your aim should be 232° C or 450°F as this provides heat sufficient for all types of pizzas you will want to bake.

For commercial ovens, the normal range is between 700°F and 800° F with temperatures near 750 °F giving the best results for baking a delicious pizza every time. Knowing exactly what kind of fuel you are using and its quality can help make adjustments to the temperature settings accordingly in order to get desired outcomes from the finished product.

Adjust Airflow

Controlling the temperature inside of a pizza oven is critical to achieving the perfect pizza. Adjusting airflow within an outdoor oven or BBQ pizza oven can help you to get the right temperatures for cooking your delicious creations and ensure that each one turns out perfectly cooked.

Different types of fuel will require different ventilation methods, so it’s worth researching how this should be done with charcoal, wood, gas-fired or other forms of fuel.

If there isn’t enough oxygen entering through the vents then it could cause poor combustion in your BBQ Pizza Oven resulting in lower temperatures. 

If there’s too much air coming in however you’ll likely experience higher temperatures than desired as well as excessive smoke being generated from the fire. Both lead to less-than-ideal results! 

To optimize temperature control many prefer to have adjustable vents with an opening at the bottom and top of their BBQ Pizza Oven that can be adjusted depending on needs.


Cooking the perfect pizza on a BBQ pizza oven requires more than just getting an ingredient right – you need to find the right temperature. Cooking at high temperatures is key when making traditional, Italian-style pizzas using wood-smoked infusions with soft melted cheese and crisp charred edges.

The recommended cooking temperature for quality results should be between 230°C and 290°C. This will ensure perfect cooking without burning any ingredients or charring your crust too much.

Factors such as type of fuel, weather conditions, preheating time and air adjustment all play a part in setting the optimal temperature for your pizza oven.