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How To Use Gozney Pizza Oven (A Step-by-step Guide)

Are you an outdoor cooking enthusiast who loves making delicious pizzas? The Gozney Roccbox is the perfect tool for those looking for high-heat cooking capabilities in small spaces.

This innovative pizza oven can be powered both by gas and wood, allowing users to create restaurant-quality meals from their own backyard. With its intuitive design, ease of use and portability, the Gozney Roccbox is a must-have accessory for any pizza lover’s kitchen.

Preparing The Gozney Pizza Oven

Preheating The Oven For 15 Minutes

Before using the Gozney pizza oven, it is essential to preheat it for 15 minutes. Preheating brings up the temperature level inside the oven evenly and helps create an optimal cooking environment for pizza.

This ensures that your food cooks thoroughly and quickly and allows you to maximize flavour potential. The time needed for preheating can vary depending on factors such as outside temperature and insulation of the oven, however, 15 minutes is a good guideline to adhere to if in doubt or when wanting quick results.

Selecting Suitable Materials For Non-stick Cooking

As experienced pizza makers know, selecting the right materials for non-stick cooking is key to ensuring an excellent pizzeria experience. 

The material of the oven floor matters greatly when making pizza in the Gozney Dome Dual Fuel Oven as its floor is made from 30mm (1 1/8″) thick cordierite, a stone compound that produces evenly cooked pies with a crisp and slightly charred crust.

Similarly, silicone material prevents sticking when making pizzas with the Roccbox Pizza Oven – another commercial kitchen equipment that can be used at home or on the go! Ideally, choose kiln-dried hardwoods such as oak or maple logs to make your wood-fired pizzas using this grill.

This type of firewood smoulders longer and provides more consistent heat compared to other woods.

Choosing The Right Wood For The Wood Burner 2.0

Choosing the right wood for The Wood Burner 2.0 is essential in creating a great pizza experience when using the Gozney Pizza Oven. Kiln-dried hardwood is ideal, as it has low water content and generates consistent flames with little smoke, allowing you to achieve even heating and efficient cooking temperatures for optimal results.

Additionally, different types of woods such as oak or maple have unique flavours that infuse into your food adding character and depth to whatever dish you’re preparing.

Heatproof gloves should also be worn when transferring logs into the oven which ensures safety during the operation of The Wood Burner 2.0.

How To Use Your Gozney Pizza Oven

how to use gozney pizza oven

Transferring Pizza Onto The Stone

Transferring pizza onto the stone can be a tricky process, especially with the Gozney Pizza Oven. The key is to prepare everything in advance: your pizza dough, topping and sauce ingredients, as well as any materials required for non-stick cooking.

For instance, it’s important to choose suitable toppings that won’t melt or run when heated up.

To ensure a successful transfer of your pizza onto the stone without sticking or burning, use two hands to hold a wooden peel, usually made from bamboo or treated pine, topped with parchment paper and sprinkle it lightly with flour or cornmeal before adding your pizza dough and topping/sauce combination.

Once you have added all desired components gently shake off any excess flour/cornmeal then evenly spread cheese over top before sliding entire pizzas into preheated oven ensuring glove-wearing at all times! 

Keep an eye on your pipin’ hot pies while they cook by rotating them so they cook evenly as well making sure temperatures remain consistent during the baking process (with help from Gozney Dome outdoor Pizza Oven’s built-in thermometer!).

Monitoring Pizza Cooking Time

Closely monitoring pizza cooking time is essential when using the Gozney Pizza Oven to ensure that your pizzas are cooked correctly and with perfect results. 

With a temperature of up to 510°C, it will usually only take about a minute for an ideal pizza to be ready, however, this may vary depending on the ingredients used and their thickness.

Factors like ambient temperature, wind or weather conditions can also affect cooking time which makes monitoring invaluable in order to avoid any issues.

The Gozney turning peel that comes with the oven is a handy tool for checking how long the pizza has been baking while allowing you easily turn it over so that each side is evenly cooked.

The Fyra oven uses wood pellets instead of propane and approximately one hopper full equates to 15 minutes of cooking time making timing easier and more convenient for chefs wanting consistent cook times each day.

When using the Gozney Dome, you should heat it up over 480°C via an attached gas knob before putting on your pizza pies when once at 370°C then it’s good to go! For optimal use, consider wearing heat-safe gloves because even though you’re not directly touching flame it’s still incredibly hot out there!

Roccbox portable ovens require around 20-30 minutes of preheating required before obtaining desired set points in regards to temperature enabling us to handle flavorful pizzas faster & safer.

Adjusting Temperature And Flame As Per Requirements

It is essential to adjust the temperature and flame of a pizza oven properly in order to ensure optimal results. When using a Gozney Pizza Oven, it is important to pay attention to how you set up your firing environment and how you control the heat levels.

The Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven should be set on its lowest heat setting when first fired up, but it’s recommended that you gradually increase over time too – this will help spread out high temperatures more evenly across all surfaces while also ensuring that even low heat zones have enough fuel running through them.

Additionally, if using a wood burning option like the Dome Dual Fuel Oven, make sure all hardwood wood sources are kiln dried before use. Because they provide longer burn times while also creating thinner flames that don’t generate too much smoke or contribute any residue onto your pizzas.

Tips For Optimal Use Of Gozney Pizza Oven

Use Kiln-dried Hardwood For the Best Results

Using kiln-dried hardwood logs is an essential part of creating the perfect woodfired pizza experience with a Gozney oven. 

Kiln-dried firewood has been air or machine dried to reach moisture contents of 18% or less, making it ideal for a long, slow burn with the maximum heat output and low smoke – perfect for use in the Gozney dome outdoor pizza oven.

Hardwoods such as oak, beech and cherry are perfect for use in a Gozney Pizza oven, though other types like apple and pear can also be used. 

To get the best results from your wood-fired pizza cooking, make sure you purchase high-quality kiln-dried firewood which can usually be sourced from local quality suppliers who have expertise when it comes to selecting suitable materials for non-stick cooking outdoors.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

It is very important to ensure proper ventilation when using a Gozney pizza oven since the oven gives off carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes that are produced by gas or wood fire.

This means it is essential to have good air circulation both inside and around the appliance. If using indoors, it is recommended to keep doors and windows open in order to allow fresh air into the room while also avoiding excessive smoke build-up with the use of extra fans.

On colder days, additional precautions should be taken such as having an indoor ventilator or exhaust system installed in order for outdoor air gases not to accumulate indoors.

Wear Heat-proof Gloves For Safety

Wearing heat-proof gloves for safety when operating my Gozney Pizza Oven is essential. The intense temperatures and direct contact with the hot stone can cause serious burns if I do not take appropriate precautions.

Luckily, the dome of my dual-fuel pizza oven comes equipped with insulated double walls which makes it safe to handle – after cooling down of course, but even then wearing special heat-resistant gloves is highly recommended.

Heat-resistant gauntlet gloves are especially suitable for this purpose as they offer superior protection up to 275°C together with an extended design to protect further up my arm while being made of a non-slip texture so they don’t slip off easily while handling items or adjusting temperature and flame in the pizza oven.

Rotate The Pizza For Even Cooking

It is essential to rotate the pizza every 10-15 seconds while cooking in order to achieve even cooking. Without rotation, pizzas cooked in a Gozney pizza oven can become burnt on one side and undercooked on the other due to uneven heat distribution generated by the wood burner 2.0.

Consistent and effective rotation of your pizza with a turning peel will ensure that all sides are evenly touched by flame and its temperature for an optimal result in terms of colour and texture as well as the crispiness of the crust.

It is important not to overcook or burn any particular area of your pizza – but rather take it out when all sides are golden brown, rotating more slowly towards the end so that you don’t overdo it.


Using a Gozney Pizza Oven is a unique way to not just cook pizza but create the perfect flavour-packed pies and dishes each time. The key takeaways are that temperature, material selection, preheating and other instructions provided by the manufacturer must be adhered to in order to maximize the oven’s performance.

Additionally, wood-fired pizzas cooked in these ovens tend to have exceptional taste due to slow and even cooking helped by consistent heat from the fire below.

Furthermore, an outdoor pizza oven with sound insulation walls makes it highly portable for outdoor restaurants or catering fun occasions like family gatherings.