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How to Keep Pizza Warm In The Oven For a Party?

Pizza is always a great pick when feeding a crowd.

Whether it’s for an indoor movie night or a house party, everyone loves piping hot slices of pizza! However, keeping pizzas warm in the oven can be a tricky task as one wrong move could give your guests cold pizza to eat.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss different solutions to maintain the warmth of your pizza slices for hours on end.

Best Ways To Keep Pizza Warm In The Oven

Use A Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is a great way to keep your pizzas warm in the oven. Pizza stones have heat-saving properties due to their porous nature, which helps distribute and retain heat evenly. That means crusts will come out crispy yet melty on the inside.

To use a pizza stone for keeping your pizzas warm, preheat it in a hot oven of around 75-90°C or 170-200°F or until almost smoking hot.

Once you’ve got that going, place each pizza directly onto the hottest area of the stone, and this will ensure an even bake as well as help create lovely bubbly edges! A bonus tip is using a long-handled spatula or peeler to move each slice off and on, just to make things easier.

The quality of the dough used in making your own homemade pizzas can also contribute to how quickly they cool down when they’re out of an oven.

So make sure whatever dough you use has plenty of fat mixed through it. This could be olive oil or similar as this will mean better insulation and thus warmer pizzas for longer! 

Finally, for topping wise steer away from fillings like plums/figs/bananas etc; these are harder for heat to penetrate into during reheating so won’t stay warm as long by comparison with other more standard toppings such as cheese & pepperoni slices.

Use A Cardboard Box

how to keep pizza warm in oven for a party

Using a cardboard box is one of the best ways to maintain optimal temperature. Cardboard boxes are an inexpensive way to store and transport food items, including pizza.

This method helps reduce heat loss from your oven so that your pizza will remain hot for longer periods of time. When choosing a cardboard box, be sure to select one that is large enough to fit all portions of the pizza while still providing adequate ventilation around it.

Once you have chosen and sealed an appropriate size cardboard box, place it on the middle rack in preheated oven at no higher than 75°C or 170°F. The recommended temperature for keeping pizza warm is around 60°C or 140°F but some types of pizzas may require lower temperatures or even re-warming times such as when using frozen pies or other thicker crust varieties.

For maximum effect, open up only one corner or slit on top/side immediately before inserting it into the preheated oven. And after placing inside close the used door almost completely with just some slight opening remaining (less than 0.5 inch).

Use Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is a great tool for keeping pizzas warm in the oven. Wrapping each pizza slice individually can help to lock the heat both inside and outside, preventing rapid loss of temperature that would occur if it was left uncovered.

To use aluminum foil as an effective way of heat retention, preheat your oven to 205°C or 400°F for 10 minutes beforehand. Then, take individual slices of pizza and wrap them in two layers of aluminum foil; this will provide extra insulation to keep it hot for three hours or more.

Place the slices on either a middle rack or baking sheet, making sure they are not touching other pieces while they cook so they don’t stick together during cooking time.

Use The Middle Rack

One of the best ways to keep your pizza warm and crispy in an oven is by placing it on the middle rack. The middle rack allows for even heat distribution, ensuring that all parts of the pizza are cooked thoroughly and remain hot for longer.

When preheating the oven at 175°C or  350°F before adding a pizza onto a baking sheet or stone on its middle rack, it’s important to adjust both cooking time and temperature according to different types of pizzas.

For example, thicker crust pizzas may need a slightly lower temperature or shorter cooking time compared with thinner crust pizzas which will require a higher temperature and longer cook time.

In addition, paying attention to how quickly the bottom of your pizza is browning prevents overcooking when using this method.

Use A Skillet

Using a skillet to keep pizza warm in the oven is one of the best methods available. A cast iron skillet or cordierite stone can both ensure that your pizza stays hot for much longer than other methods, like aluminum foil or insulated bags.

The material helps retain heat better and ensures that it does not escape from the top or bottom as easily. When using a skillet to keep your pizza warm, you should preheat it in the oven so it can be at its ideal temperature when you add your pizza in.

After adding your slice of pizza to the top of the preheated pan, turn down the heat to prevent burning and let it cook for 2-3 minutes before taking it out and serving. This will help ensure that your slice keeps its original texture since extreme temperatures would otherwise dry out its moisture.

Use Insulated Pizza Bags

Insulated pizza bags make it possible for you to keep your pizza warm for up to 3 hours. Made of foam and insulating material, these delivery bags wrap tightly around the container or box holding the pizza, preventing heat from escaping and keeping it at a safe serving temperature.

This makes them perfect for those who are looking to deliver pizzas that arrive hot at their destination. Pizza boxes can be placed inside an insulated bag which will help retain heat from even oven-baked pizzas that have been cooled before they were put into the bag due to the distance travelled between locations.

Use A Microwave

While it may not be the most ideal method for keeping pizza warm, a microwave can quickly and effectively heat up leftover slices in a matter of seconds. To ensure that the crust doesn’t become overly tough or chewy, make sure to use lower power settings so the pizza isn’t overcooked.

Additionally, avoid using microwaves with high radiation levels since these can cause uneven heating and potentially dry out any remaining sauce on the slice. Remember to check your user manual if you are unsure about your new setting.

To maximize warmth retention within microwavable pizzas while they are heated, place the aluminum foil over top to keep moisture inside before popping them into the microwave.

Mistakes That Will Make Your Pizza Cold Fast

When reheating their pizza in the oven, many people make the mistake of setting the temperature too high. Many ovens have a default setting of 230°C to 290°C for reheating food and pizza falls into this category.

The best temperature for heating your pizza is between 175-205°C as it prevents the cheese from caramelizing or burning while retaining its taste and warmth. 

Additionally, overcrowding your preheated oven can also be detrimental; as air circulation is needed to evenly distributes temperatures throughout an oven if there are too many pizzas placed inside they won’t all get heated properly leading to cold slices instead.

Another factor that should be taken into account when trying to keep pizza warm is wrapping techniques; too much foil on a slice will produce steam resulting in a soggy crust which we all know can lose heat quickly making your previously delicious meal cold in a jiffy! 

To avoid any mishaps with keeping your pizza warm follow these tips: use only enough foil necessary, reduce temperate settings safely (around 150°C), and make sure not to overload your preheated oven altogether.


Q: What is the best temperature to keep pizza warm in the oven?

A: The best temperature to keep a pizza warm in the oven is at its lowest setting since higher temperatures can cause it to burn or catch fire. Generally, this should be between 65-80°C.

For some pizzas that require more cooking time, you may need to go up slightly higher than 80°C.

Q: How long can I keep my pizza warm in the oven?

A: If your oven has been preheated properly, then with proper insulation like aluminum foil or an insulated pizza bag your food will stay warm for several hours. Depending on various variables such as the type of bakeware used and contained heat, most pizzas kept inside the oven could last up to three hours without becoming cold.

Q: Are there any mistakes I can make while trying to keep my Pizza Warm?

A: Yes, if you’re not careful when keeping your pizza warm you risk making it too hot or burning Food health hazards also likely occur when food isn’t stored correctly – specifically leaving food products unrefrigerated for more than two hours raises risks of bacteria growth and contamination.


Pizza is a classic party food, but it’s not always easy to keep warm. Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to help your pizza stay piping hot until it’s ready to serve.

The best way to keep pizza warm in the oven is by using aluminum foil or an insulated bag. To maximize the warmth of your pizza for up to 3 hours, preheat the oven to its lowest temperature and wrap each slice individually with aluminium foil before placing them on the middle rack and covering them with a thick towel or blanket.

If you don’t have enough space in your oven or want longer-lasting results, using a cardboard box will also do the job when heated between 60–65 °C preheated over and should be set aside after around 30 minutes of heating all slices inside it.

Pizza stones and skillets are both ideal options if you’re looking for faster heating times while keeping pizza crispy. Just remember not to leave either one too long as they’ll dry out quickly!