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How To Clean A Gozney Pizza Oven (A Step-by-step Guide)

Have you just bought a Gozney pizza oven and are looking for instructions on how to properly clean it? Cleaning your pizza oven is important to ensure it works at optimal capacity and provides delicious, restaurant-grade dishes time after time.

Here in this article, we provide the steps involved in cleaning a Gozney oizza oven effectively as well as some tips for proper maintenance.

Basic Steps For Cleaning A Gozney Pizza Oven

Let The Oven Cool Down

When preparing to clean your Gozney pizza oven, it is important to ensure you let the oven cool down first. Cleaning a hot oven can be dangerous – not only are you risking potential burns this way, but high temperatures might also cause damage to some parts of the pizza oven’s components.

For these reasons and more, allowing your Gozney pizza oven sufficient time to cool off before attempting any kind of cleaning is highly recommended by professionals. 

To do so efficiently make sure that as soon as the cooking process end, all access doors are opened slightly to help release excessive heat quickly while still keeping the safety secondary door closed for a period afterwards (approximately 15-20 minutes).

Remove Excess Debris And Ash

Removing excess debris and ash before cleaning a Gozney pizza oven is an important step to protect its longevity. Burning wood in the oven produces soot, ash, and charred residue that can accumulate over time in the chamber of the oven.

If left unchecked, these materials can interfere with the performance of your wood-fired oven by creating hotspots or impairing airflow.

To prevent this buildup, it’s recommended you remove all ashes leftover from burning wood every 2-3 uses. An industrial vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is ideal for removing fine dust particles without damaging delicate electrical components inside some ovens such as fans or ignitors.

For those working at home with less equipment available, a damp cloth can be used to wipe away heavier pieces occasionally before using a stiff wire brush to brush off any remaining soot from the grate and fuel tray.

Clean With Mild Soap And Water

how to clean a gozney pizza oven

Cleaning a Gozney pizza oven with mild soap and water is the preferred method for regular upkeep. Please avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials like wire brushes as this can cause damage to both the oven’s structure and the stone inside, potentially leading to safety hazards over time.

Mild soaps that are suitable for use include liquid soaps without synthetic scent or colourings, non-abrasive powder-based dishwasher detergents, speciality cleaning products designed for ovens, dishwashing and laundry liquids specifically formulated with low pH levels.

Warmer water should help break down dirt residue quicker while cold water helps minimise straining when removing excessive debris from around the padding of knobs on your pizza oven door.

Gently Clean The Stone With A Metal Brush

When it comes to cleaning the stone in a Gozney pizza oven, using a metal brush is the most efficient and safest method. This will help remove excess ash and debris from the interior of the oven without damaging or scratching its surface.

A metal brush allows for deep-level cleaning which traditional cloths cannot achieve, helping reduce the buildup of flare-ups during use.

A metal brush also offers better control than other cleaning materials that can easily cause discolouration or scratches through their abrasive nature. Furthermore, carefully brushing with a soft-bristled metal brush ensures that just enough pressure can be applied to remove dirt buildup whilst still protecting delicate areas of the stone such as any existing cracks or flaking portions due to high temperatures used in cooking with this appliance.

Tips For Proper Maintenance Of A Gozney Pizza Oven

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals Or Abrasive Materials

Cleaning your Gozney pizza oven is essential for proper operation and maintaining the quality of your pizza. Abrasive materials, such as steel wool or harsh chemicals can cause damage to the components of the oven as well as affect the taste of food cooked in it.

To avoid damaging your investment and getting poor quality results from your cooking, you should use only mild soap and water when cleaning a Gozney pizza oven.

In place of harsher products, you can also use baking soda paste or vinegar to clean out any leftover grease or oil within the dome pizza stove safely.

These types of cleaners are not only harmless to surfaces but also help protect them against wear-and-tear due to their natural anti-corrosive properties! 

Furthermore, they can be combined with warm water for extra power that cuts through tougher stains leaving behind a light residue easy to wipe away with a cloth afterward so no need for special equipment either! 

And don’t forget: never put your stone in a dishwasher – manual cleaning is always best.

Clean Regularly After Each Use

To ensure that your Oven remains in top shape and continues to deliver excellent results every time you cook with it, regular cleaning must be done. Make sure to let the stone cool down completely before attempting any kind of cleanup or else you risk damaging its surface by warping due to sudden temperature changes.

Mild soap (dishwashing liquid) diluted in warm water works best when cleaning surfaces while a steel brush allows for gentle scrubbing – both helping avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive materials which could potentially cause permanent damage.

Store The Oven Properly When Not In Use

Properly storing the Gozney Pizza Oven is key for maintaining its longevity and preventing any damage. Outdoor ovens can be stored in a covered area, such as a shed or garage, which will protect them from weather elements like rain and wind.

If an outdoor pizza oven does not have shelter, a metal cover like canvas or tarp should be used to prevent moisture buildup on the surface of the oven. Indoor countertop/tabletop pizza ovens must also be stored in low-traffic areas where they are safe from bumps or other potential damage that could occur when moving around frequently.

Additionally, these types of pizza ovens should never be left plugged in after each use; unplugging it once cool helps reduce the risk posed by electrical hazards and fire hazards due to the overuse of cords.


Regular cleaning of a Gozney pizza oven is essential for keeping the kitchen hygienic and the appliance in top condition. 

Following simple steps such as removing excess debris and ash, cleaning with mild soap and water, using appropriate tools or brushes to clean tough stains, avoiding harsh chemicals, and following all safety instructions properly during the cleaning process will help extend the life span of your Gozney pizza oven.