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Gozney Pizza Oven Vs Ooni (Ooni Koda Vs Gozney Roccbox)

Are you in the market for a new pizza oven, yet overwhelmed by all the choices out there? Gozney and Ooni are two of the most popular brands but selecting their best model can be tricky.

If you’re looking to choose between Gozney Roccbox and Ooni Koda, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we explore both models side-by-side – from price points and build quality through performance and portability.

So let’s dive deeper into how these two convenient outdoor cooking systems stack up against one another.

Comparison Of Gozney Roccbox And Ooni Koda

Pizza Size And Capacity

When it comes to pizza ovens, size and capacity make a big difference in the cooking experience. The Gozney Roccbox is large enough to cook 12-inch pizzas and also has the highest attainable temperature for wood-fired ovens, at 932°F (500°C).

This heat allows for high-quality dough recipes and perfect char marks on your Neapolitan-style pies. The Ooni Koda 16 offers a larger cooking surface than the Roccbox, allowing you to cook up to 13-inch pizzas.

It’s slightly lighter in weight too at just over 40 pounds compared to 44 pounds of the Roccbox.

Thanks in part to its patented gas burner technology designed specifically by Ooni engineers, you can get temperatures up hotter than most commercial pizza ovens as well – reaching an impressive 950°F (510°C) – while still being incredibly fuel efficient and economical.

Cooking Efficiency And Temperature Control

gozney pizza oven vs ooni

When it comes to cooking efficiency and temperature control, the Gozney Roccbox and Ooni Koda pizza ovens have distinct differences. The Gozney Roccbox is constructed out of metal insulating walls that help to retain heat while also evenly distributing heat across the whole surface.

It’s capable of heating up quickly, reaching maximum temperatures higher than most other portable pizza ovens (500°C/930°F in under 20 minutes). 

In comparison, Ooni went for a more affordable route by using less insulation but equipping owners with a door which opens automatically when removing pizzas so they can better maintain a constant temperature within their coal-fired oven.

Additionally, the Ooni Koda 16 features insulated sidewalls that allow it to retain its internal heat, saving fuel when preheating or reheating multiple pizzas in succession.

Accessories And Additional Features

Both Gozney Roccbox and Ooni Koda offer pizza ovens with a selection of accessories and additional features to enhance the outdoor cooking experience. 

The Gozney Roccbox includes all necessary components for assembly, along with an optional door that better maintains heat, helping to reduce fuel consumption and create more evenly cooked pizzas.

It also comes with several stainless steel components such as a stone baking board and removable grate system which increases its versatility by allowing users to cook other food items besides pizza.

The Ooni Koda makes use of less insulation but packs down flatter than the Gozney Rococbox for portability in tight spaces or convenience when it is not in use.

Maintenance And Durability

Both the Gozney Roccbox and Ooni Koda pizza ovens are well-built and seemingly durable, though it’s worth noting that they’re constructed of different materials. 

The Gozney features a stainless steel exterior with a double shell design to provide heat retention while the Ooni has a powder-coated steel outer shell paired with stone insulation panels for better heat retention.

In terms of maintenance requirements, both pizza ovens require regular cleanings although Gozney’s requires more frequent cleaning due to its higher level of insulation.

Furthermore, the door of the Ooni is designed with hinges so you don’t have to worry about removing or manipulating heavy parts when accessing it.

Pros And Cons Of Gozney And Ooni Pizza Ovens

Gozney Roccbox Pros And Cons

The Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven offers a unique and durable design, making it ideal for outdoor cooking. The oven is encased in double-lined stainless steel with added insulation, ensuring even heat distribution while reducing fuel costs.

This makes the Gozney Roccbox highly efficient and resistant to damage over time.

In terms of performance and temperature control, the Gozney Roccbox can reach temperatures as high as 500°C, which is ideal for creating bubbly, crispy pizzas in just 90 seconds – similar levels of heat than most professional pizza ovens offer.

Additionally, its thermometer ensures accurate temperature readings at all times for superb consistency when baking multiple kinds of dishes throughout your session.

Ooni Koda Pros And Cons

The Ooni Koda is an excellent option for those wanting to make delicious pizza at home. Its compact size and light weight make it extremely portable, making it perfect for camping trips or taking to a tailgate party.

Additionally, its effective insulation helps retain heat better than many other pizza ovens in its price range. Compared to the Gozney Roccbox, the Koda has much less excess material – this reduces the overall cost which makes it more competitive with other brands of similar functionality and design.

When it comes to performance, both pizza ovens do an admirable job of cooking pizzas quickly and evenly without compromising on taste or crust quality. 

The most obvious difference between them lies in their temperature control; while they are both able to reach high temperatures (upward of 425°C), thanks to their insulated designs, the Ooni is better equipped at keeping consistent temperatures due even if you open and close multiple times during your cook-time.


The Gozney Roccbox and Ooni Koda are two excellent contenders in the pizza oven market, with their fans divided over which oven will fit better for your needs. 

If you need a portable oven that offers superior portability, fuel efficiency, and ease of use, then the Ooni Koda series is likely your best bet. However, if you prioritize high-temperature cooking performance as well as even heat distribution then the Gozney Roccbox is likely to better fit those needs. 

The price difference between these two brands can also play a role in deciding which one to go for; the Ooni range comes at much lower prices than Gozney’s only product. However, just bear in mind that this sacrificing quality insulation results in slightly less efficient cooking performance.