Uuni 2S Pizza Oven Review

Uuni 2S Pizza Oven


Looks / Appearance




Ease of Use



  • Stylish Scandinavian design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cheap, efficient fuel
  • Cooks in less than 1 minute


  • Non-traditional
  • Sells out quickly

Update: Like the sound of the Uuni 2S? Why not check out the newer Uuni 3 oven which is packed with all of these features and more?

The Uuni 2S Pizza Oven is the modern pizza oven of today. Uuni, which literally means “oven” in Finnish, takes the production of their products seriously. The Uuni 2S itself has a stylish Scandinavian design that strays from the old-fashioned Italian style we associate with traditional pizza ovens. This lightweight design of the Uuni 2S makes it an ideal piece of equipment for chefs of all skill levels to own.


Who is This Pizza Oven For?

This Uuni is perfect for any pizza lover out there. As an avid fan of all things pizza myself, I searched several reviews and online guides to see whether others have found it useful for making pizzas in a variety of situations. According to several reviews, the Uuni 2S makes it possible to simultaneously cook up pizzas for family and friends and keep track of the major football plays of the day on the telly!



Weight: Hardly anything! This oven weighs in at just over 10kg, making it practical to bring with you all over your city, on holidays and on outdoor daytrips.

Dimensions: In addition to being lightweight, the Uuni 2S is surprisingly compact. Its dimensions are 12x36x48 cm, so you don’t have to worry about experiencing difficulty with transporting it!

Indoor/Outdoor Use? Don’t set your kitchen on fire before you can enjoy the perfect pizza that it makes! It’s best to limit its usage to outside only because of its flames.

Colour Options: This oven comes in one stainless steel option. Many users appreciate the sleek look that this design offers. Plus, if you have lazy tendencies like me, the surface of this oven is easy to clean and keep it looking brand new!

Gas? This oven mimics an industrial wood-fired oven, so gas isn’t used to operate it. Instead, it feeds off of efficient biomass wood-pellets.


Where Can I Use The Uuni 2S Pizza Oven?

Many users have gotten a lot of use out of this Uuni in the backyard. It’s great for travel to gatherings. No longer do you have to cook for people at your house. You can bring your oven anywhere you’d like.


What Makes This Oven Special?

This particular Uuni has a history of selling out very quickly! Part of the reason for this trend is its capability of being ready to use in 15 minutes. You can assemble it within 5 stress-free minutes, and get it to its optimal cooking temperature within 10 minutes. After that, the pizza cooks itself within 90 seconds! The ease-of-use that this oven offers will save you countless times on stressful nights, when preparing dinner is the last thing on your mind.

This oven is a one-and-done type of purchase. It comes with a stainless steel pizza-peel and stone baking board to make sure you are adequately prepared to make your meals. You can opt for the bundle deal and also received an official Uuni carry bag and a 10kg bag of wood-pellets.


Why Should I Buy This Oven?

If you enjoy pizza, but your kids and spouse prefer to diversify their meals, this is perfect for your family. Even if you rarely eat foods that fall outside of the pizza food group, this oven can be used to make garlic bread, vegetables, and any type of meat you can think of.

This oven has saved others a lot of money on fuel that you can spend on more important things, like pizza toppings. It efficiently consumes biomass wood-pellets to cook your pizzas and give them a desirable wood-smoked taste. The great news: biomass wood-pellets are so much cheaper than regular wood kindling!

Cook a variety of delectable foods and save money with this oven. It’s on par with the reviews.


How Can I Buy The Uuni 2S Pizza Oven?

You can grab a Uuni 2S Pizza Oven for yourself at Amazon.com. Check it out for yourself below!

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