Maximus Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven Review

Maximus Outdoor Pizza Oven


Looks / Appearance




Ease of Use



  • Complete Oven Set
  • Free Pizza Peel
  • Quick Heating
  • Portable


  • Open Door Cooking 300 Degrees
  • No Stand Included

Maximus Outdoor Pizza Oven Review

The Maximus pizza oven is a fantastic option if you are looking for an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven that can not only deliver mouth-watering pizzas but also handle meats, bread and literally anything that you wish to throw at it.
Finished in a Portuguese red brick, that has been approved to be toxin-safe even when heated, the look of this oven is sure to be a real talking point on those summer evenings while you entertain for friends and family.

With a cooking space internally of 60cm x 60cm, it offers a good sized space in which you can create your masterpieces and for those that are looking to serve up a number of pizzas, you have ample space to be able to fit as many as two or three individual sized pizzas into the cooking bay at a time, or if you are going large, it would be better to take your time and cook each separately to get that real rustic flavour that the wood provides.

As part of the oven purchase you will receive a treasure chest of additional products, some of which won’t be included in more budget line models, including a clay roasting pan, pizza peel, additional bricks for if the inevitable happens as well as much more.

Created to be used with the included door in place, the oven boasts a fantastic ability to maintain and retain a steady 400 degree heat, however if you are looking to be able to keep an eye on how your food is cooking you should know that a slightly lower 300 degree heat is more likely, but that is still ample heat to be able to cook your food to perfection.

Thanks to the way in which the stainless steel flute ventilates the oven, you can forget about having to wait hours for the oven to reach cooking temperature as achieving between 350-400 degrees takes about 30 minutes and as soon as you hit that, you are ready to bring out the pizza!

maximus-in-useNaturally due to the Maximus being made from brick, it does require a stable grounding on which to place the oven, weighing in at 55kg it’s not something that you will be wanting to move about the garden regularly but it is still portable enough to take with you to the great outdoors if you wish.

The stand shown in the images isn’t included in the price of the oven and instead is sold separately, however it isn’t always required as if you have someone that can build you a stand on which it can sit, you can make your own to fit in with the look and feel of your outdoor garden space.

A stunning oven that has already seen it sold to 100’s of happy customers in the UK alone and with the summer months fast approaching and the chance to be able to offer up something a little more special than a traditional BBQ this year, maybe it’s time that you invested in your cooking?

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