Igneus Classico Pizza Oven Review

Igneus Classico Pizza Oven


Looks / Appearance




Ease of Use



  • Great aesthetics
  • Roomy enough for two large pizzas
  • Comes in a range of colours
  • Will fit in the boot of your car
  • Available with Stand


  • Requires a heatproof stand or tabletop
  • We can't think of any other cons!

As you can probably tell, we’re quite smitten with some of the amazing wood fired pizza ovens available from The Pizza Oven Shop. First, we were enamoured with the Uuni 2S. Now we’re feeling equally infatuated with the Igneus Classico. It’s bigger and brighter than its lightweight cousin, and you get a lot more oven space for your money. We love them both. Here’s why we love the Igneus:

The trouble with traditional Italian wood fired ovens is that they’re a little… cumbersome. They are usually built with brick and clay, and are not designed to be portable – they live in the garden. The benefit of owning a wood fired oven like the Igneus Classico is that you get all of the gorgeous aesthetics – if a little more modern – with less of the weight. The Igneus only weighs 45kg, and with the fire bricks removed it can be easily manoeuvred by one person – and even packed into the boot of the car for a weekend away. So if you’re a serious pizza enthusiast, but you don’t fancy splurging your savings on a traditional home-built pizza oven, this sturdy stainless steel alternative could be the perfect choice.

The Igneus Classico is available in 6 different colours: verdigris blue, matt black, aubergine, copper, graphite and red. Ideal if you want to add a splash of colour to your garden, or keep it more muted with the graphite. We particularly like this shiny red version that looks a little like a steam train!

Igneus Classico DoorThe inside of this wood-fired pizza oven measures 60x60cm and is lined with firebricks for insulation. You should be able to cook 2 12” pizzas at a time. But what’s really got customers raving about this pizza oven is that it’s also great for roasting, baking and cooking a range of other delicious fare, whether it’s a lamb roast or a casserole with crusty bread. The best kindling to use with this oven is seasoned or dried wood, if you want to get that traditional wood-smoked taste.

The Igneus pizza oven is a little bigger than its cousin the Uuni, so you will need to make sure you have enough space for it, and an adequate heat-proof stand or tabletop. It’s worth investing in the custom-made all-weather cover to keep your pizza oven protected from the elements when it’s not in use – which will likely be rare. This oven is the perfect party centrepiece, ideal for a summer gathering where you will need to feed lots of hungry people! Crank up the BBQ and fire up the Igneus, and you have a feast on your hands.

Due to popular demand the Igneus sells out very quickly, so if it’s currently available online (or in-store near Harrogate) then get your order in fast. Without a doubt, this is one of our top-rated pizza ovens – at great value for money.

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