Gas Pizza Ovens

Gas fueled pizza ovens are a fantastic choice for anyone that is looking to have a little more control over the heat that the oven cooks at, creating a ready to cook environment in a matter of seconds, where as wood fired ovens take a little time to reach the temperature that you require.

Considered a ‘cleaner’ way of cooking food due to the reduction of smokey taste generated during the cooking process, choosing a gas powered pizza oven could well be right for you, allowing the ingredients of your food to take to the forefront and present themselves in a true to flavour manner, without the risk of hiding them behind a woody smoke taste.

As with BBQs, people have their own preferences towards the way that they like their food to taste and if you want to be able to enjoy your freshly cooked pizza without what can be a powerful smokey flavour, a gas pizza oven could well be the perfect option for your needs.

The Best Gas Pizza Ovens

We have reviewed the following gas pizza ovens, covering enthusiast-level models intended for lighter use, to the most advanced commercial units available:

There are a number of solutions which work in addition to your existing outdoor gas BBQ or grill. They are incredible for getting great results while saving on space and cost. To check these out, head on over to our Wood Fired Pizza Ovens page.

Why Choose A Gas Pizza Oven?

As we have already mentioned above, when cooking in a gas fired pizza oven you instantly eliminate a large amount of time in which you have to allow for the oven to heat to the required temperature, meaning that as soon as your guests are ready to eat, you can simply fire it up, allow for a couple of minutes while you top up the drinks and suddenly you are ready to start to drop your food into the oven to cook.

No Smokey or ‘Burnt’ Flavour

Along with time saved in pre-heating the oven, there is also another draw factor that seems to lead UK consumers to buy a gas fired oven and that is the reduction in the level of smokey flavour that the food gathers while cooking.

Not everyone enjoys food that has a rustic smoked taste, no matter how subtle it maybe, and that means that you can cater for those guests just as easily as you cater for those that do as the food that is cooked within your oven will still be just as delicious and cooked accordingly, just without that sometimes overpowering background taste.

Space Saving

Now that taste and time have already been discussed, take a moment to think about the amount of space that you would save by having to only simply store a single gas bottle as opposed to a larger amount of dry wood that could be used in a more traditional wood fired oven.

Not everyone has a large storage space available in which to be able to store wood that can be brought out to burn each time that you want to use your oven, so having to simply slip even a patio heater sized bottle of gas into a shed is a whole world easier than trying to determine the best spot for your log pile to live.

Consistent Temperature

Finally, one final thing that has helped people decide over what style of pizza oven to buy comes down to the temperature at which the oven cooks and its ability to be able to sustain that level of heat throughout the cooking period.

Imagine if you were to be entertaining a group of friends and family and knew that you were going to have to cook a multiple of pizzas in order to feed them, with a gas oven you would have a consistent level of heat, allowing for each pizza to be cooked equally as opposed to a wood fired oven that is known to fluctuate from the moment that the fire is lit to the cooling off and need to replenish the wood being burnt.

Capacity and Output

Although lacking the more traditional and rustic feel of a wood-fired oven, gas pizza ovens allow a higher quantity of pizzas to be made and are typically more convenient for the reasons above. With the simplest oven cooking space being able to house around 6 twelve inch pizza bases at one time. With a large cavity area being around seven inches in height, it allows for an even cooking time across all the bases inside the oven. Unlike a wood fired pizza oven, there is less risk of burning as the temperature inside of the oven is a lot more controlled than that of a wood-fired one. Also, if you happen to heat your wood-fired oven a little more than required (it happens!), then it can take a lot longer to reduce to a suitable cooking temperature.

Some newer models of gas oven pizzas have a ‘gas assist’ mode, which retains all the appeal and amazing flavour of a pizza cooked in a wood fired oven, but with the convenience of gas heating. This way, you don’t have to stand by your pizza oven tending to the wood fire if you don’t want to – you can get started with the cooking straight away.

While many people may be looking to purchase a gas-fired pizza oven for their home, there are also many commercial gas ovens out there to mass produce pizzas, both quickly and efficiently. With the production of conveyor based ovens, it is possible to have a full manufacturing line setup in your commercial premises, which will not only deliver a quick pizza but will produce the same quality time after time.

A conveyor gas oven will help you to produce large quantities quickly and effectively, even if you have very little cooking knowledge. These would be an ideal purchase for owners of thriving takeaways, restaurants and possibly care homes. As the oven moves the pizza bases through the oven at a constant speed, it allows for an even cook for each and every pizza produced, this helping to reduce the overall waste and amount of work time required.

The Benefits of a Gas Pizza Oven

  • Gas allows lower cooking temperatures, which is much more convenient.
  • Great for beginners, because of the control over temperature.
  • Faster to heat, typically faster to cool.
  • Easier to clean.
  • Removes the limitations of a wood fired oven.