Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

There is no better taste than a freshly cooked homemade pizza that has been cooked in a wood fired pizza oven, the unique smokey taste, the speed at which your food is cooked and the whole visual that comes with presenting a piping hot pizza straight out of your oven in front of your guests offers a real sense of pride.

A true rustic way of cooking and one that has been tried and tested throughout the generations of time, wood fired cooking really does deliver a superior cooking taste and experience, hence why more and more restaurants across the UK are choosing to install wood fired ovens within their kitchens.

Why Choose A Wood Fired Pizza Oven?

If you are here looking for help and advice surrounding whether you should be looking to buy a gas or wood fired pizza oven, you are more than likely looking to know what makes these ovens more appealing than their gas counterpart, so let us tell you.

Wood fired ovens offer one of the best cooking environments available to you, the fact that they draw their heat from a real fire of burning wood that is located safely at the back of the oven means that cooking takes a fraction of the time that it would take to cook the same item in a more traditional electric or gas powered oven.

Although the speed at which your food cooks is a fantastic talking point, it’s not what is going to have your guests crying out for more… It’s that authentic smokey taste that comes with cooking with wood.

Although it can often be apparent on finer foods, the smoking of a pizza that is literally placed into the heat for a matter of minutes before being removed and presented to guests, the smokey taste embedded within the dough truly converts a bland and flavourless dough into a base that is packed full of body, taste and character.

That taste has been imitated previously with a wide range of BBQ smokers on the market today, but without the burning of wood and the intense heat in which it creates, these can only generate a non-authentic, artificially inflicted flavour.